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Forum discussion: My mom is getting an iPad and I would like to set it up to get her email which is through Verizon and they don't support IMAP. What do you think is the .
Since Verizon's email is a POP service, the folders are not sync'd. If it were IMAP (like you can do with Gmail), then this would be possible.
I searched the forums but have not seen this discussed. I have my iPad set to delete messages from server when removed from inbox. Just recently when I receive my .
Just discovered a week ago that Verizon shut down their wireless SMTP serviers for email. I use Verizon FiOS on my home network and want to be able to use my verizon .
I am having a problem with our home Verizon Fios email account and my (wife's) iphone 3g. If the iphone is turned on with push email,.
Switched to Verizon FIOS yesterday. Overall it's great, but I found I can rarely connect to Mobile Me email via either or on my touch. (everyt
Find out which Verizon Internet services are available at your address. Check Availability Check Availability
I have searched Android Central but cannot seem to find a definitive answer to the question of receiving email to my address. Will it push
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When I try to access my IMAP account my Email app crashes. I get this error: "The . I'm having a similar problem. I have three accounts for my school, all are .
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I need real answers please. Im confused about the info I need for the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server(smtp). Should i use imap, or pop?
After just over a year on my Verizon FiOS connection, I am already on my third verizon FiOS router. Let's just say that the Actiontec MI424WR router, the only choice .
So here's my situation - I have my personal Verizon fios email

Verizon fios email ipad imap

ipad imap Gmail account set up under the Gmail icon. I created a second Gmail account to
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