How to shoot up oxycodone so it dont gel up

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The barrel may be warped. You should get a return on it if at all possible.
yes u can shoot up tha ops don't them fool ya. Posted in the OxyContin, Roxicodone, How to shoot up oxycodone so it dont gel up Oxycodone Forum
I know a lot of you guys (and girls) say there is no reason to IV oxy since its oral bio-availability is so high. Well, I haven't IV'd oxy in a long time so I figured .
Are you serious? Dude, get away from the drugs unless you really want to **** up your life!Shooting up is really pathetic! You are a week person if you get caught up with .
I just picked up 9 for $45(5 a pop). This is the 1st time i've ever gotten oxy. So, i . 50 cents per mg is the going rate in most places, so I don't think you can .
I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. Has How to shoot up oxycodone so it dont gel up anyone shot KVK Tech 10mg IR oxycodone. They are very small pink pills labeled k 56. I wanna try one, but thought i .
drugs Question: How to shoot new gel type 80mg oxycontin? Gee, I would imagine the whole reason behind making it that way is to discourage people from shooting it.
Originally Posted by Bricks & Stacks But can anybody tell me why people can shoot up . I know it's the bupe that causes PWD. But I meant since the naloxone is .
i would assume you can shoot em, they do not gel up, they will dissolve totally in water,or club soday, love cat ps i do this everyday i make a cocktail little club soday .
I'm not looking for any "well don't do it" or "be smart" or anything like that! I already did it, and I
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