Can you take claritin and ritalin

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Yes, these are OK together. Tylenol is a pretty safe pain Can you take claritin and ritalin reliever. You just have to follow directions on the box and don't take too many. Overdosing on acetaminophen can .
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I have seasonal allergies that normally last all year long. I used to take Claritin OTC but now my dr has me on Singular & Advair. However, I'm still
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I Can you take claritin and ritalin currently take 4mg of Risperidone a day and find that I rock when I sit down. I can stop it if I consciously think about it but it starts again as soon as I stop .
Can you take medicine to stop throwing up? ChaCha Answer: If you can, go see a doc. they can give you phenegrin, which is an awesome .
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Can you buy ritalin over the counter? ChaCha Answer: You cannot buy Ritalin over the counter. You need a prescription from your docto.
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