Can you take a oxycodone-acetaminophen and smoke weed

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oxycodone Question: Can you smoke oxycodone/acetaminophen? You can smoke oxy. But it has to

Can you take a oxycodone-acetaminophen and smoke weed

be done in a different way then one would smoke weed out of a pipe. Its mostly .
In theory I'm sure you could. However why would you do a thing like that? Acetaminophen is made to be taken orally and is not a recreational drug!
i have a few 7.5mg perc and i was wondering what would happen if i took only one and smoked. I often take xanax bars and smoke, would it have the same
drugs Question: What Happens If You Take Too Much Acetaminophen? The Can you take a oxycodone-acetaminophen and smoke weed moment you known you have consumed acetaminophen in excess it is very important that you seek .
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Best Answer: Both contain acetaminophen, but one (T3) contains codeine while the other contains oxycodone. Oxycodone is a much stronger opioid than codeine. Codeine .
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Answers for How long does it take for oxycodone to get out of your system:Most pills are the same, oxycodone usually takes 1-2 days to get out of your system. Call 1800 .
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