Can the new oxycontin formula pill be cut in half

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I heard that all the pharmacy replaced all the original oxycontin OC with this new formula that prevents anyone from crushing it The new pills says OP on the one side .
Related Questions. Can you cut one of the new formula Oxycontin in half, without damaging the effectiveness of the pill? An article in the business section of the LA .
The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new oxycodone formula that released the drug more slowly into the system. OxyContin, as it
A new version of OxyContin, Can the new oxycontin formula pill be cut in half packaged in a manner that supposedly makes it more difficult to abuse, is out on the market, but the jury is still out on .
Memorial to deceased classmates 100% FAKE OC 80's.. Can the new oxycontin formula pill be cut in half seen 'em yet? think, "I'd be able to tell the difference", but you CAN of the abuse, doctors are getting in trouble .
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has anyone gotten the new oxycontins with "op" on them instead of the good ol "oc" ones. since my insurance doesnt go into effect for a couple more months i have been on .
OxyContin is designed to work properly only if swallowed whole. Taking cut. 80 mg of OxyContin in one day unless you. OxyContin to other people even if they have the same .
  • i have ben on oxycontin 10s for quite some time due to me ripping my foot off back in april of 2010. i always recieved the oxycodone exdended release pills which are the .

I reviewed the link that showed them crushing it and adding water to in. I have a few the ideas First on crushing it you can make anything powder you just have to take .
3 Answers - Posted in: pain - Answer: Hello, The new tamper-proof Oxycontin pill makes it more difficult for .

Has anyone here tried the Oxy OP80's? From what I understand, the new formula makes it harder to abuse (snort, IV, etc.). I have no desire to bang or
As the Herald reports on Sunday, Purdue Pharma's newish version of its infamous OxyContin time-release oxycodone tablets makes it so hard to abuse the pills that
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